Braingrease: Our company fights germs by promoting the simple act of hand washing.  According to the CDC, “Handwashing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection.”  People need to be reminded to “Scrub em” and that is what our posters do.

As a junior high tacher, I witnessed every germ sharing method known to man among my students.  They shared drinks, they coughed and sneezed without covering their mouths, and they ate food off the top of their desks.  I became pro-active and hired one of my students to design a poster that promoted handwashing.

My first poster was an eye-catcher with a picture of my hand being attacked by germs. The simple words “Germ Farm” at the top and “Scrub em” on the bottom became a hit.  Hospitals, schools, adult homes and corporations across the country ordered that poster.  After receiveing many request for a line of stickers featuring that same poster, I finally added stickers to my product line. Our name is Braingrease and we have been selling posters since 1995.

Why the name Braingrease?  In elementary school I had a teacher who always reminded us to use brain grease to improve our thinking!

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