Are Germs Sexist: According to Studies, Germs Love Females in this Situation!

Germs, Are They Sexist?

A professor at the University of Arizona did research to find out the degree of germ contamination on desks in the work place. The study financed by Clorox, resulted in some interesting discoveries. One of the discoveries makes it sound like germs prefer the fairer sex…females!

Desks of Females Have More Germs

Now ladies, let’s not be alarmed and angry. As they say there is a reason for just about anything, and the good professor came up with a reason. It just so happens that the lotions and potions found around the typical female’s desk, encourages bacterial growth! Make-up is another germ spreader. Most men avoid these kinds of things.

Hidden Snack Food

“Study: In the work place, more germ contamination on ladies desk than the men’s!”

And here is the clincher, and the ladies won’t like to hear it. The study revealed that the desks of females were often laden with snacks and other food items. (Cookies, cupcakes, candy, etc) Yum, food for a healthy germ population!

So all above reasons were given to explain why the germ contamination on ladies’ desks far exceeds their male counterparts. But to their credit, the ladies had far neater desks! (We didn’t need a study to come up with this last conclusion!)

Male Gluttony May Benefit Men!

I have an explanation for the hidden snack and food contamination found in many of the ladies desks and not the men’s. You see, men are gluttons. If a man has a snack or food of any kind, he simply inhales it, and that’s the end of it. So, no stored food or snacks are left in the men’s desks to supply the hungry germ population! (Maybe gluttony is good in this situation!)

The study suggests that office workers should wipe down their desk tops and other items around the desk periodically. By coincidence, Clorox happens to offer such a product that can take care of this need. (I use them at home so here is an unpaid endorsement!)

The story pointed out that the typical office desk has more than 400 times the number of germs as a bathroom toilet! That fact alone is enough to give you the willies! Maybe this explains why office workers miss a few days of work now and again!

Yes, there is a bottom line to this investigation of germs in the work place and that is this:
Germs are out there waiting to meet you. Avoid germs by washing your hands several times in the course of the day.