Handwashing Poster is Born Thanks Junior High Students

Why Would a Junior High Teacher Create a Handwashing Poster?

If you have ever witnessed the hygiene habits of junior high students, or lack of them there of, you would understand. This is one group of people who need to see a handwashing poster to help motivate them to wash their hands.

Junior High Students and Germs

To most of my junior high students, germs did not exist. After all, you could not see them. Why should they even think of washing their hands? They took turns swapping sips on soda, they shared the same pieces of bubble gum, and they placed food on top of their desk before they consumed it.

What, Me Sick?

Colds and other maladies spread through my classroom like a malicious piece of gossip from September all the way to June. My feeble attempts at getting kids to not swap gum, not to swap sips of soda, and to not eat food off the top of their desks always fell on deaf ears.

So did I suddenly think of the idea of developing a handwashing poster to correct all these ills? (No pun intended.) The answer is No! That is not how it happened. I never gave up the good fight and was always trying to find a new way to take my students to the high road of hygiene. And it just so happened that as a certified germaphobe, I encouraged my students to wash their hands too.

Handwashing Poster is Born

It occurred to me that germs were too abstract for my students to imagine. What if I could give these germs names along with the illnesses they can create? Maybe this idea would make believers out of them, I thought. I wrote to the microbiology departments of universities all over the county and asked for assistance in identifying some of the worst disease causing microbes found on human hands. When they learned about my projet, they were more than happy to contribute.

Then I created my first handwashing poster. This poster consisted of a picture of my hand along with the names of various pathogens that are found on unwashed hands. Then I added a few factual quotes and presto, I had a highly motivational handwashing poster.

Cartoon Handwashing Poster

Handwashing poster number two is a cartoon poster with a large colorful hand being attacked by nasty looking germs all in cartoon style with a sense of humor. This poster is eye-catching dynamite with the words, “Germ Farm” at the top and the words, “Scrub ’em!” on the bottom. This poster is one of the most popular handwashing posters in the country today.

Scott Lenhardt Germ Farm Artist

My artist was one of my students named Scott Lenhardt who graduated from designing handwashing posters to doing the artistic designs for world famous Burton Snowboards. Scott has designed over 70 snow boards and is responsible for the Burton’s window display at their store in Times Square.