Handwashing Sign Warning Employess to Wash Hands

A Simple Solution To A Serious Problem.

A simple hand washing sign placed in a public bathroom facility can produce amazing results! Since people are forgetful, a hand washing sign will remind them of the importance of scrubbing those hands!

Many public bathrooms are lacking any kind of reminder to wash hands before heading out the door. This is unfortunate for all of us. Disease germs spread from hand to hand, and from hand to door knobs, and from hand to railings, and from hand to phones, and eventually from hand to mouth! This means that everyone can become the innocent victim of a careless person who failed to wash their hands!

Sad Little Hand Washing Sign

Restaurants, on the other hand, always post a small sign near the sink which says,”Employees Must Wash Their Hands!” This reminder is helpful, but what about all those people who are not employees? Wouldn’t a simple hand washing sign that encourages all people to wash their hands be a better idea?

Cartoon Pokes Fun at Hygiene Offenders

I remember seeing a cartoon showing a man exiting a bathroom who apparently failed to wash his hands. Above the door was a blazing neon light and a buzzer that announced this failure to all the patrons in the restaurant. Now wouldn’t something like this be a great idea? I forgot. There would be law suits for public embarrassment!

This reminds me of a time that I saw a man exit the bathroom without washing his hands after leaving one of the stalls. When I returned to my table, I walked by this nattily dressed man who was talking excitedly to an attractive women sitting across from him. My fantasy had me saying these words to the man: “Excuse me sir, but you forgot to wash your hands after leaving the stall in the bathroom!” Can you see the romance being extinguished? Can you see me losing a few teeth?

Simple Hand Washing Sign To The Rescue

Our studies show that when one of our specially designed hand washing signs is posted in a rest room, more people will take the time to scrub up! When reminded, more people visit the sink! This is good news for all of us who wish to stay healthy.

I mention placing a hand washing sign in the rest room. I forgot to mention other places that would help:


-Nursing Homes

-Child Care Centers

-Retirement Homes


-Movie Theaters

-Gas Stations

-Any Type of Office

-Stadiums And Other Public Areas

-Schools, Colleges, Universities