Handwashing Stations

Handwashing Station

Hand washing stations encourage people to wash their hands in places where there is no easy access to a handwashing facility. Whether an expensive purchased handwashing station, or a homemade one really doesn’t matter. What matters is having a place where people can scrub their hands!

Where Are Handwashing Stations Needed

Out door parties- Eating food outdoors is does wonders for your appetite and taste buds. Providing a simple handwashing station will help ensure that hand to mouth disease germs are controlled and eliminated.

Wedding Receptions- Wedding receptions are held in all sorts of places where washrooms are not always available. A hand washing station would be a healthy addition in a tent setting, barn, or garage.

Petting Zoos- This one should seem obvious, but it was not until recent years that petting zoos were known to spread ecoli and other germs to anyone petting the animals. Now you will see handwashing stations at all petting zoos. (The law makes this mandatory in many states.)

Outside Porta Potties- Port a-potties are used to accommodate large groups of people at concerts and other functions. It is imperative that a handwashing station be available here. Imagine dozens of people exiting port a-potties and then going directly to the food tables without having a handwashing station available. (This is inexcusable with the knowledge we have today about infectious diseases!)

County Fairs- This category represents any place where large groups of people congregate with access to food. Unwashed hands and food make for a deadly combination. Handwashing stations are needed!

How to Create a Handwashing Station

The most basic handwashing station is a table with anti-bacterial soap that people can use for scrubbing up along with paper towels for drying off the excess product. Many of the anti-bacterial hand cleaners have a high amount of alcohol in them which will dry quickly without a need for paper towels. Even so, providing the towels is a good idea.

Water and Soap Handwashing Station

A simple handwashing station using water and regular soap can be designed by any home mechanic in this way:

1. You need to create a reservoir of water. A five gallon container filled with water would work fine. The difficult part would be the addition of a faucet at the bottom of the container. Parts for this creation can be purchased at any hardware store. (You don’t need create your own container with a faucet. Simply buy one of those five gallon water dispenser tanks at Targets or K-Mart for around $35.00. Instead of Gatorade, fill it with water! )

2. You need a catch basin for the used water.

3. Now all that you need is to supply the hand soap and the paper towels!

Quick and easy handwashing station: Provide containers of Purell Hand Sanitizer along with paper towels