Mobile Phones are Bacteria Heaven

Mobile Phone are Germ Heaven

Yes, your mobile phone is jungle of wiggling and multiplying germs right before your eyes. What are they doing there? Are they playing volley ball? No, that can’t be. Are they dancing to the music you listen to? No, not exactly. So what hell are they doing?

They are simply along for the ride. And the benefits for these microscopic hitchhikers…They have the chance of making you sick. Can you hear me now? Hygiene expert Jim Francis told Which? that after testing 30 mobile phones he discovered a world of bacteria including coliforms. In fact, he claims that a typical mobile phone has far more bacteria than the handle of a toilet!

How often to any of us clean our mobile phone? Everyone raise your hand if you cleaned your phone the last week or so. Amazing, there are no hands waving in the air. Shame on all of us. A simple hand-wipe will do the trick in the future. Maybe a good handwashing would be a good follow up!

Mobile Phones are Crawling with Germs