Oh, No, Something Yucky Happens when You Kiss

A study in Amsterdam involving 21 couples and a team of microbiologist concluded that not hundreds or even thousands of germs, but millions of germs are transferred from a single kiss. However, not just any kiss, but a French kiss. You know, swapping spit.

As icky as this sounds don’t be alarmed and give up kissing. Well, if you are a nut case germophobe you may wish to give up kissing, but hark, I bring you good news. Here is a quote from Dr. Remco Kort, the leading microbiologist in the study:

“If you increase the diversity of good bacteria, you can increase resistance against infection.” What this implies is that kissing may be beneficial in acquiring good bacteria to help fight off the bad bacteria.

Heck, I know people who kiss their dogs on the mouth and they are still alive. Not that I wish to kiss a dog’s lips. I know where their tongue has been! I bet people, especially guys who kiss their dogs on the lips, make frequent stops at fire hydrants.