Stupid Horseshoe Crabs Smarter than Humans?

Horseshoe crabs are usually seen as pathetic creatures that bob and sway with the tides. They don’t bite people and are basically harmless. So, what is this claim that horseshoe crabs may be smarter than humans? Horseshoe crabs have survived on this planet pretty much the same for over 450 million years. Considering what humans are doing in this world, can you see humans surviving that long?

Horseshoe crabs are dropping in numbers because of human research involving scientist taking a portion of the crab’s blood to save human lives. The horseshoe crab’s blood has antibacterial properties and faster coagulating properties than human blood. They use the horseshoe crab’s blood for testing medical equipment and vaccines.

Researches take a small percentage of the crab’s blood and then return them to their ocean abode. In spite of this careful procedure to help the creatures survive, some of them don’t make it. There are efforts underway to raise these creatures in a farm like setting. In our war against super bugs and other germs, the not-so-stupid horseshoe may be our best friend.

Horseshoe Crab Blood Saves Lives