Your Money is Filthy

Just think, the money in your wallet gets around more than city hooker. You have no idea where it has been and who has touched it. Maybe it fell on the ground and was stepped on. Maybe someone used the rest room facility and didn’t wash their hands. Then they went to McDonald’s and purchased a burger. Oh, they received two dollars in change. Touch, touch, and more touches. Your money in your wallet has experienced many touches.

So, what, you might say. Those very greenbacks in your wallet can harbor a multitude of germs. Many of them are not harmful, but some of them can be. Jane Carlton, a biologist from New York University, identified around 3,000 kinds of bacteria on each of the 80-dollar bills in the study.

Maybe that’s where the term “filthy lucre” originated. By the way, E.coli was well represented. This gives you one more reason to wash your hands now and again.